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K2 The Price of Conquest
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K2 The Price of Conquest

K2 The Price of Conquest was first published in Italy in 2004 this recently translated book reveals the events of 1954 when the Italians made the first ascent of K2. Up until now the authors have never felt the necessity to correct the inaccuracies written about the expedition at the time, nor have they felt the need to reply to the accusations that have often been made. The passing of time never diminished the intensity of the arguments the expedition generated so after 50 years here we have an objective account of what really happened co-authored by two of the climbers on the trip - Lino Lacedelli was actually the first man to reach the summit along with Achille Compagnoni.

No of Pages: 128

Page Size: 150 x 220

Publisher: Carreg

Published Date: Summer 2006

Cover: hardback

Illustrations: black and white photos

Weight: 400 gms.

ISBN: 9780953863136

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