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OS Meridian Map Data
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OS Meridian Map Data

MeridianTM 2 is a mid-scale digital representation of Great Britain that allows considerable customisation of its transport network and topographic themes, which means that the user can create functional geographic solutions for their business needs. All of the geographical features are extracted from existing Ordnance Survey databases and are fully maintained in order to deliver an annual product update. When used in conjunction with users own compatible data the resulting application is a truly useful GIS asset. The product is typically viewed at 1:50,000 and at this scale the generalisation of its features maintain geometric integrity and accuracy. Suggested applications:- The intended primary use of this data is as a customisable base mapping solution, useful for general and presentational standard mapping. Vector format allows considerable customisation and spatial analysis of the data across the organisation. Major roads routing functionality; Location and backdrop mapping; Planning in relation to main road, rail and river infrastructure; Site location for retail or wholesale trades; Territory management; Environmental analysis; Themes can be ordered individually by calling 01280 840770 or email sales@globalmapping.uk.com You can order total UK coverage below. For specific areas please email sales@globalmapping.uk.com or call 01280 840785.


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