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Night Sky Atlas - Philip's Map
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Night Sky Atlas - Philip's Map

This highly practical Atlas of the night sky is suitable for use anywhere in the world. It has a robust damp-proof binding, making it ideal for use out of doors, and the tough paper is suitable for annotating with pencil when observing. It contains five sets of maps - whole sky, photo-realistic, seasonal, constellation and lunar. There are photo-realistic images that help match the maps with the sky. Tips and techniques for observing the Moon, planets and deep sky objects are provided, and the book is illustrated with more than 200 photographs and artworks, and 50 lists of observing targets. Author, Robin Scagell, is the Vice-President of Britain's Society for Popular Astronomy. Star maps are by Wil Tirion - world-renowned celestial cartographer. A highly practical atlas, with full-colour and black and white maps. Suitable for observers using binoculars and small telescopes, with plenty of useful information for users of 'Go To' telescopes. Robust damp-proof binding for use out of doors and tough paper suitable for annotating with pencil.

Binding: Paperback

Size: 297 x 210 mm

Pages: 128 pages

Publication date: October 2004

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ISBN: 9780540087006

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