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China Wall Map - Global MappingChina Wall Map - Global MappingChina Wall Map - Global Mapping
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China Wall Map - Global Mapping

 Scale: 1:4,500,000 Size : 1353mm x 953mm (53.3" x 37.5")

Created from base data and digital relief supplied by The XYZ Digital Map Company to ensure map is accurate and up-to-date, the large size means it is ideal for home, office and classroom. Main place names also shown in Chinese characters.  Includes information panel on Chinese Provinces.

Laminated/Encapsulated: The flat encapsulated version of this wall map will allow you to write on your map with a felt marker, and wipe it clean afterwards. Our encapsulated maps are identical to the paper versions, but are finished in a thick, high quality gloss plastic on both sides, with a small clear border all around the edges. This process makes your valuable paper map more versatile, better looking and much more durable. This short 1 minute video will show you, click here to view

Framed: These maps are framed in slender, satin finish aluminium in one of five colourways; silver, gold, black, blue or green. The frame has a very easy and user-friendly mounting system with key hole slots and requires only the fixing of two round headed screws to hang. There are two board options: Magnetic - a gloss encapsulated map mounted on stiff, lightweight, magnetic and pinnable foamboard. Pinboard - a gloss encapsulated map mounted on pinboard material. Once they have been made up to your specification, our framed maps are sent out bubble wrapped, with dense foam protection on all four edges and finally encased in sturdy dual-wall cardboard.  This short 1 minute video will explain the difference, click here to view

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ISBN: 9781905755684

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