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Fly Another Day DVD
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Fly Another Day DVD

Six men set out on their quest to fly the length of Britain on paramotors. Like the earliest methods of aviation this is flying in it's most simple form. Suspended beneath a fabric wing and with a small propeller on their backs they set off on the journey of a lifetime. The range of flying conditions that Britain throws at them takes a heavy toll and one by one the pilots encounter their own personal disasters. There are mid air wing collapses and free falling through the sky, crashes on take off, wings sucked into the engines and emergency landings abound. This is no easy ride. The tension rises and when the team are forced out of the sky over the Scottish Highlands it looks like the expedition is doomed. But with true British determination they gradually they inch their way ever northwards into the eye of the storm.

Author: Hot Aches & Bamboochicken

Publisher: Bamboo Chicken Productions Ltd

Published Date: January 2009

Binding: DVD

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ISBN: 9781904207511

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