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We have tried to answer the most commonly asked question’s here, if you can’t find the answer you want then contact us and we’ll get back to you straight away or try our blog.

Encapsulation or Lamination: What we refer to as encapsulated maps is often referred to as lamination! In our terms encapsulation of a map is when the map is sandwiched between 2 sheets of relatively thick clear plastic. This offers excellent protection of the map making it virtually impossible to tear the map. Lamination we refer to when a very thin plastic coating is applied to the surface of the map when it is litho printed at a map printers. Again this offers a level of protection for the map although you can tear this if you try. Both finishes give the map a write on wipe off surface.

Global Mapping offer a comprehensive selection of attractively framed maps manufactured in house. The satin finish aluminum frame comes in three colours: silver, gold and black and finishes the map beautifully. The frame has a very easy and user friendly mounting system with key hole slots requiring only two round headed screws to hang the map. Both board options are light and even a large magnetic map board can be lifted with one hand. There are two quality levels using the same frame:-

  1. A gloss encapsulated map mounted onto pinboard material with satin aluminum frame of your colour choice.
  2. A gloss encapsulated map mounted on stiff, lightweight foamboard which is both magnetic and pinable with satin aluminium frame of you colour choice.

The framed maps are sent out with dense foam protection for their edges, bubble wrapped on the front and then wrapped in dual-wall cardboard protection.

Whatever you need in terms of UK postcodes, Global Mapping can provide it for you

What do you want to do?
Here is a list of questions asked by many of our customers along with the appropriate solution.

“I need a postcode map on paper”
We do postcode area maps of the UK on paper, encapsulated or as a Gif image. For District (e.g. NN13) or Sector maps (e.g. NN13 6) you can choose the part of the country, level of detail, paper size, scale and so forth through our Maps on Demand service. All maps can be previewed via the web before you confirm your order.

“I want a database list of postcodes for planning a direct mail campaign”
Order the PAF post office address file. This is a listing of the 2.1 million postcodes in the UK and the 26 million addresses that they cover. Typically provided as a comma separated (CSV) text file with all the various columns such as street, town, postcode and so forth. Most users have the listings by postcode, i.e. one record per postcode with a house number range, but by address is possible and more suitable for a mail merge.

“I want to use the Postcode database in my publicly accessible website”
You need the PAF file and/or PostZon files. but you also need a Royal Mail web use licence. This is charged either ‘per click’ or as a fixed annual fee. Per click means you need to submit a monthly statement of the number of postcode look-ups on your site. The fixed annual fee is more economic if you expect 400 000 or more look-ups in a year.

“I need a database of postcodes but with National Grid locations as I want to work out distances from one postcode to another”
Order the PostZon file, also PAF if you want full addresses. PostZon contains grid references to the nearest 100 metres for most postcodes other than P.O. Boxes. You also get details of the Ward, Health Authorities, etc that the postcode falls into.

“I want to map my sales territories and results using postcode sectors”
For this you need postcode geography in the form of objects that can be displayed in mapping software like MapInfo and ArcView. Postcode Area, District and Sector data in the form of polygons can be downloaded from our online shop. All objects are attributed, so can easily be joined to e.g. sales figures for each sector. As an optional extra we can provide counts of the number of addresses in each. This is ideal if you are building territories and want roughly the same number of prospects in each, or need to calculate the number of leaflets needed for a marketing campaign.

Maps are sent out First Class Post and generally Royal Mail are true to their word and the maps arrive the next day. Be aware that wall maps are rolled and sent in tubes so the postman might leave it with a neighbour or take it back to the sorting office if you’re not there to receive it. Framed products may take a little longer to dispatch

To protect your wall map, when we roll it up we wrap it in some scrap paper which can often be an old map. Don’t be concerned that we have stuck sellotape to your map! We haven’t, this is the paper wrapping, your map is safely protected inside.

Christmas is obviously very busy but we will always try to help you get your map on time so as a guide here are our suggested last order dates:

  • Framed Maps-December 7th
  • Encapsulated Maps, Globes- December 18th
  • Paper Maps and Guides-December 21st

If you order after these dates please call us first on 07957 806497 and we will Endeavour to fulfill your order. For example, last year we were able to take a framed map to Manchester on Christmas Eve, but we can’t always promise that level of service!