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Historical Products

Wide choice of Maps, Books and Images covering a cross section of Historical events and subjects.


Cassini Publishing specialises in creating historical mapping products.


Crécy Publishing are one of the premier World War II aviation book publishing companies in Europe.

Historic Ordnance Survey Map Cover Postcards

Produced to celebrate 200 years of Ordnance Survey.

Historical Books

Usborne offer historical events from the last century.

Historical Maps & Images

Dig back in history with this unique collection.

Site Centered Historical Ordnance Survey Maps

4 Epochs are covered by this series of Ordnance Survey Maps, 4 are at 1:50,000 and are from 1833 up to 1947.


The Kings and Queens Tablecloth features pictures and information about every monarch from Henry VIII with images supplied by the National Portrait Gallery.

Victorian Town Plans

A unique national series of Victorian maps that shows British towns and villages as they were in the mid nineteenth century, a most intriguing and frenetic time of their development in the heat of the industrial revolution.

Wildgoose (Historical)

Wildgoose offer a wide range of educational products some of which look at local history.