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Map Data

British Isles, Europe and World Data XYZ have an expanding range of datasets. The XYZ Overview World is a general purpose dataset ideal for looking at the whole wood rather than getting lost in the trees. When you start drilling down to more detail for invidual continents and countries, try the XYZ World data. Europe is now available (other continents coming soon). This contains all sorts of things from roads and railways to lakes and rivers, towns with populations, administrative boundaries and so forth. Individual areas are available, for example the XYZ British Isles data. Zooming right down to street level we have the XYZ CityMap Professional data for selected places. Elsewhere we can provide OS based raster street maps in similar style to our CityMaps.

Communicarta Transport Maps

Communicarta have been successfully supplying and designing transport maps to publishers, corporations and travel companies for more than 17 years.

Contour Datasets

Cantour datasets og Great Britain derived from Ordnance Survey Panorama data.

ML Infomap

ML Infomap, a ISO 9001-2000 certiifed company, was founded in 1993 by Dr.

Ordnance Survey

For Ordnance Survey Digital Data please click here

People's Map

The People's Map is a revolutionary new concept in mapping, being maintained by the people for the people.