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BBC 2's Stargazing programme has generated incredible interest in the Sky at Night including Planisphere's.  You'll also discover other Astrological products from maps to dictionaries, atlases to the solar system, in fact, a large selection of products to suit all ages. So, if you are a budding astronomer or regularly like to keep a watch on the night sky, then why not take a look at our selection. We are sure you will find something of interest for you and your family, whatever your experience.

Did you know??? Scientists believe that we can only see around 5% of the matter in the Universe...the rest is made up of invisible matter, called Dark Matter and a mysterious form of energy known as Dark Energy.....



A general range of astronomical products and literature on a very popular study subject and hobby.

Astronomy - Global Mapping

The totally unique Chart of the Heavens and two sided Planisphere quite like no other are two of Global Mapping's Astronomical products along with its best selling Star Chart.

Atlas's and Guide's

In this collection you will find everything you need to know about the stars, planets and universe.

Children's Astromony

This collection of children's books and encyclopedias give a colourful and fun insight into what's out there.

Lunar Maps and Globes

Lunar maps and charts show the location and names of craters and other features on the surface of our own natural satellite.

Planet and Moon Globe

Did you know?

Planispheres and Star Charts

Planispheres are great to locate stars, constellations and planets, and work out sunrise and sunset times for every day of the year.

Sir Patrick Moore - The Sky at Night

Sir Patrick Moore's series of essays written to accompany the hugely successful BBC television series of the same name.

Star Globes

Beautiful Globes that illuminated the stars to show the mythological characters related to the ancient constellations within the nights sky.

The Solar System

Everything about the area of space we live in.