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Guide to Fossils - Children's Educational Guides - Philip's Guides
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Guide to Fossils - Children's Educational Guides - Philip's Guides

A practical pocket-sized guide to identifying, collecting and understanding all types of fossil. The introduction describes how fossils form and the history of ancient life, all illustrated with colour artworks. The classification and distribution of fossils are described, giving essential background information for collectors. The history of fossil collecting is described before detailed and practical information is provided about how to go about collecting fossils - everything from how to find sites and specimens to how to store and display fossils. A useful feature of this guide is a comprehensive and effective visual identification key. This aims to make it easy for the reader to discover the major classification of a fossil and so locate the right section of the book for detailed identification. The main section of the book goes through every major group of fossils, from trilobites to tree ferns, and includes a wide international range, from the common and easy-to-find to some (such as dinosaur bones) that would crown the collection of any amateur.

Format:Paperback Pagination:192 pages, colour illustrations Dimensions:200 x 126 mm, 295 grams

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ISBN: 9780540083749

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