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India, Asia - Chic Guides - Kuperard
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India, Asia - Chic Guides - Kuperard

India chic is a guidebook of India that reveals all the wonders of this subcontinent, from the awe-inspiring architecture of Rajasthan to the landscapes of the Himalayan region, the grand colonial edifices of Kolkata and Delhi, and the legacy of ancient palaces, forts and religious monuments left by countrys many rulers. Discover the glorious history and diversity of its people in one splendidly illustrated volume. The modern travellers definitive guide to the most exciting, luxurious and alluring hotels, mountain retreats, havelis, palaces, spas, temples, beaches and choice restaurants. Stunning illustrated chapters, describe in detail the design and their intimate character and surroundings. Fact panels on each property provide suitable information on local attractions, history and facilities lying within easy reach.

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ISBN: 9781857334104

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