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Disconcerting Ways - Patrick WassDisconcerting Ways - Patrick Wass
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Disconcerting Ways - Patrick Wass

Patrick Wass is a singer songwriter and guitar teacher who has spent a lot of time in the developing world. Many of his songs reflect his experiences whilst travelling 1. Pat Pong Girl - The smoking of opium in a Thai Village 2. White Women - The African women stare at rich white women riding on the back of a truck. Presents are distributed 3. Brazil Blues - Hoping for sexy Ipanema beach with microscopic bikinis and sunshine. But it rained and was populated by fat men with dogs. 4. Bus Baby - Giving birth on a bus 5. Aluminium Arm - Recurring dream in a flooded basement in Istanbul. 6. Donkey By Pass - About the love of donkeys! 7. Write Me A Song - She asked me to write her a song, so I did and she still wasn't satisfied. 8. Filipina - Girls in the Philippines 9. Losmen Lady - A guest house run by sisters on an island inside the largest volcanic caldera in the world. 10. Karakoram - A middle aged woman climbing in the Karakoram...30 years living with a climber who ran then off with a blonde. 11. American Killer Heroine - A teenage girl leading the other girls against the Americans in Vietnam 12. Unsure - In the beginning she wasn't sure, but eventually convinced him that he wasn't sure 13. No Star Hotel - Dumped in a dubious hotel and told my plane had been kidnapped....

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