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Athlete's Foot on my Hands and a Bear's Bottom on my Feet - Patrick Wass
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Athlete's Foot on my Hands and a Bear's Bottom on my Feet - Patrick Wass

Humorous anecdotes and advice from an author who has travelled all over the world, for many years, making numerous mistakes and experiencing a multitude of mishaps. A CD is also available written and sung by Patrick about his travels - 'Disconcerting Ways' Topics include: Cheap places to sleep and the interesting fauna often contained within. How to cope with international variations on the theme of the toilet. Why the restaurant table under a tropical fan might be the only one available. The inadvisability of sitting on the back seat of a ' Philippine Rabbit' bus. The need to take your own sticking plasters when visiting South East Asia. The reasons why a pair of trousers is not really an adequate substitute for a toboggan in South America. The advisability of memorising the names of all the members of the English cricket and football teams. The problems of using Kipling as a guide to Burma. Photograph on front cover - Mt Kilimanjaro Other titles by Patrick: How Long and Tall (to purchase this book, it is under our 'books' category) A CD is also available which contains songs about personal experiences in the developing world.

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