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I-400 - Crecy
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I-400 - Crecy

Japan's Secret Aircraft Carrying Strike Submarine by Henry Sakaida, Gary Nila, and Koji Takaki While much has been written about submarine warfare in World War Two, very little information in the English language has surfaced on the awesome Japanese ‘I-boats'. The I-400 ‘super submarine' (and her two sister boats), was one of the most monstrous creations to emerge from the Second World War and, in its time, they were the largest submarines ever built. It was considered to have been one of Japan's most secret weapons – indeed the Allies remained unaware of the 1-400s existence until it surrendered in late August 1945 (along with the I-401). At more than 400 feet long, weighing 5,223 tons submerged, carrying a crew of nearly 228 and possessing a range of over 37,500 nautical miles, the I-400 featured state-of-the-art Japanese radar and ‘stealth' submarine technology and carried three Aichi M6A Seiran attack floatplanes in a water-tight tube-like hangar built on to its deck forward of and under its massive conning tower. In mid-1944, the General Staff of the Imperial Japanese Navy tasked the I-400 and its sister boats with a secret mission to attack American cities and to destroy the Panama Canal. Further plans included a strike on the American aircraft carriers of Task Force 38 at Ulithi Atoll in the Western Caroline Islands. This book is the result of many years of meticulous research. The authors have traced and interviewed three of the original air crew assigned to fly the Seirans on their hazardous missions. Amongst much fascinating new information, they have revealed – for the first time – the details behind the Japanese attack-bombers being painted in spurious US markings for their final, desperate mission. 

144 pages, hardback

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ISBN: 1902109457

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