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The Fw200 Condor - Crecy
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The Fw200 Condor - Crecy

Jerry Scutts Born of an idea suggested by the Japanese Navy to arm Germany’s elegant Fw 200 Condor airliner for a maritime reconnaissance role, the Luftwaffe’s long range Condor proved it’s worth in the first years of World War II. A practical anti-shipping raider, the Condor fought a virtually private war against surface vessels in line with policy of imposing a blockade to strangle Britain’s seaborne lifeline. Rapidly neutralised by allied escort carriers and merchant ships the Condor’s role switched to staving off the Sixth Army’s defeat at Stalingrad. Condor crews hauled supplies in appalling winter conditions – sub-zero temperatures and low visibility and routinely serviced and refulled aircraft under the guns of the Red Air Force. For the Germans, maritime patrol duty grew ever more costly in terms of men and machines and new ‘stand-off’ weapons were introduced to beat the defences. By 1944 they had been all but eclipsed in a combat role and the survivors reverted to the transport role for which they were originally designed. The FW200 Condor describes the development of the aircraft and its varied roles, missions and personnel including the fate of all aircraft built. Colour profiles and a wealth of photographs provide comprehensive information on this elegant aircraft. Airliner, maritime reconnaissance, combat and transport aircraft Used as the Fuhrer’s personal transport. Dominated the sealanes 1940-1942. Adapted to test a new generation of the remotely guided Hs 293 glide bomb.

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ISBN: 9780859791311

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