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Rear Gunner Pathfinders - Crecy
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Rear Gunner Pathfinders - Crecy

A Bomber Command book with a difference, the story of the air war over Germany as seen from the small Perspex bubble of a ‘Tail-End Charlie’ rear gunner in a Lancaster. Flying firstly with 626 squadron, and later 156 Pathfinder squadron, Ron Smith flew 65 operations and recorded them with the intensity brought on by the isolation of being cocooned in his lonely gun turret. ‘Suddenly we were over the Big City… after long hours of searching the night sky from the coast, to be suddenly propelled into the brilliant hell over Berlin produced a freezing of the mind…flak sliced up through the broken illuminated clouds, ascending gracefully to stream past the turret. A Lancaster slid across at right angles with a single fighter just behind it, as if attached by an invisible thread… the city far below was bubbling and boiling, splahes of fire opening out as the blockbusters pierced this terrible brew.’

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ISBN: 978090757927

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