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Mission 376 - Crecy
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Mission 376 - Crecy

Battle over the Reich: 28 May 1944 Ivo de Jong Some of the bombing missions of the US Eighth Air Force in World War II, such as Schweinfurt and Berlin, have become legendary for one reason or another. Yet in the course of the war there were many others; missions forming part of the larger Allied strategy which did not become famous. These were simply part of the wearing down of a tenacious enemy. One such was Mission 376 on 28 May 1944 when ordinary men on both sides revealed extraordinary courage as they experienced the confusion and terror which accompanied the routine bloodletting. The day had one unusual characteristic, however, when it saw the first combat use of remotely-controlled glide bombs by the USAAF. This book describes in unprecedented detail the events, experiences and aircraft of the men on both sides that day during the course of 'an ordinary mission'. Hardback, 256 pages

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ISBN: 9 781902 109039

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