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World A4 Timezones Map - Global Mapping
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World A4 Timezones Map - Global Mapping

Map of the World in A4 size for practicality.

Time Zone Map

A colour political world map showing countries and capitals with timezones shown. Designed on A4 paper with 4 hole punches to fit within A4 binder.

Laminated/Encapsulated: The flat encapsulated version of this wall map will allow you to write on your map with a felt marker, and wipe it clean afterwards. Our encapsulated maps are identical to the paper versions, but are finished in a thick, high quality gloss plastic on both sides, with a small clear border all around the edges. This process makes your valuable paper map more versatile, better looking and much more durable. This short 1 minute video will show you, click here to view


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ISBN: 9781905755370

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