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Great Britain North and South Reversible A-Z Map - FlatGreat Britain North and South Reversible A-Z Map - Flat
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Great Britain North and South Reversible A-Z Map - Flat

Standard: This double-sided flat colour road map of Great Britain features motorways, motorway service areas, primary routes and primary route destinations, A roads and selected other roads. Contour colouring is included. There are large scale inset maps of the main conurbations of London, Birmingham, Manchester & Liverpool, Glasgow & Edinburgh, Newcastle & Middlesbrough, Leeds & Bradford, Sheffield, Southampton & Portsmouth and Bristol & Cardiff. Also included is a mileage chart and listings of limited interchange motorway junction details. A booklet which contains the index to cities, towns, villages, hamlets and locations is included. Laminated: This product is identical to the paper version, but is encapsulated flat, with high quality clear, thick plastic film on both sides. This process gives the map a write-on / wipe-off surface, which is completely waterproof, even around the edges. Our encapsulated maps are much better looking and infinitely more durable than the plain paper versions. Publisher: A-Z Edition: Edition 31 2004 Scale: 9.5 miles:1"" Format: Flat Size: 1145x890mm ISBN-13 (Standard): 9781843482147

ISBN: 9781843482147

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