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Belfast Street Map Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland -Belfast Street Map Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland -
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Belfast Street Map Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland -

Belfast Street Map with Index Booklet Standard: The newest edition of this Belfast street map with index. Full street name coverage is provided, at an easy to read scale of 1:12 000. Information includes identification of main routes, one way streets, cycle network routes with numbers, public car parks, named buildings, parks, and pedestrian precincts. Mapping is double sided; north on one side, south on the reverse. A mapping sample appears on the box cover. A separate easy to use index booklet gives comprehensive street naming and co-ordinates. Publisher: OS of N Ireland Scale: 1:12 000 Format: Folded ISBN-13 (Standard): 9781905306077 Publication Date: 2006-04-13

ISBN: 9781905306299

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