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Switzerland - Robert Bosch
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Switzerland - Robert Bosch

Switzerland is a small country - its greatness can't be measured in kilometres or population. Its greatness is its variety and, wherever you look, you get a different picture.

Take a closer look and small becomes great - peaceful lakes of crystal-clear water; high and hanging glaciers; rare butterflies in pine forests; magnificent gorges hiding orchids; verdant meadows... No other country offers such a wealth of beauty and untouched nature in such a small area, and scarcely any other place protects its nature so respectfully. And let's not forget the country's world famous sites - the Matterhorn, the Rhine Falls, the Jungfraujoch, the Rhone glacier or the Lavaux vineyards on Lake Geneva. Even classic Swiss sights can be viewed afresh, from a surprising perspective or in a particular light.

That's the visual poetry of photographer Robert Bosch who has captured the country's natural wonders both large and small, in beautiful large-format images.

This is a beautifully produced photo collection in a large-format hardback book, in a protective cardboard case - 50cm x 35cm, weighing 3.2 kilogrammes.

Each photo has a short description by Emil Zopfi in eight languages, including English.

Robert Bosch is a photographer, geographer and mountain guide who has worked as a freelance professional photographer for over 20 years.He is the author of many publications and his work has been displayed in museums and galleries throughout Europe. He is an ambassador for Nikon and was awarded the Eiger Special award in 2009 for his many years of achievement. As a mountaineer and climber, Bosch has undertaken countless extreme mountain and climbing expeditions in many of the world's mountain ranges.

In 2001 he climbed Mount Everest as a cameraman and photographer.

ISBN: 9783909111862

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