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Fallen Pieces of the Moon
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Fallen Pieces of the Moon

Turreted fairytale peaks, glistening snowfields, waterfalls plunging over immense cliffs into the sea, a million tons of ice capsizing - this is the setting for Fallen Pieces of the Moon" an account of a kayak trip along the west coast of Greenland paddling about 150 miles of coastline in the Nuuk fjords area.

Into the day-to-day account of contending with unsettled weather such as fog unstable icebergs midges and bugs by the billion are woven insights into Inuit culture - their language their shamanic practices their hunting and navigation techniques and much more. On the way the reader learns a great deal about the Arctic animals pollution and the Arctic environment.

Information on the early Arctic whalers when whole fleets were beset and crushed by ice is included; and an appreciation will be gained of the hardships endured by the Viking settlers and explorers such as Frobisher and Franklin who suffered scurvy frostbite and starvation.

Told with humour, the book is endlessly informative and entertaining.

No of Pages: 128

Page Size: 170 x 240 mm

Publisher: Whittles

Published Date: August 2006

Binding: Paperback

Weight: 310g

ISBN: 9781904445319

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