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Titanic : (Accompanies the Channel 4 TV Series Titanic: The Mission)
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Titanic : (Accompanies the Channel 4 TV Series Titanic: The Mission)

When Titanic set sail in 1912, she was the largest, most luxurious and most technologically advanced man-made moving object in the world. Built by the great industrial communities that made Britain the pre-eminent superpower of the age, the famous ocean liner signalled the high-water mark of our nation's manufacturing industry. Accompanying a landmark Channel 4 documentary series, "Titanic: The Mission", this book tells the untold stories of the men and women who made the 'ship of dreams' a reality: the fearless riveters who risked deafness from their incessant hammering of the millions of rivets that held together the fortress-like steel hull; the engineers charged with the Herculean task of fitting engines that would power the massive ship across the Atlantic at a speed of 23 knots; the electricians who installed state-of-the-art communications systems and enormous steam- driven generators, each capable of powering the equivalent of 400 modern homes; and, the highly skilled carpenters, cabinet-makers and artists who attended to every last detail of the opulent staterooms.

Titanic, of course, was destined to sink on her maiden voyage, but the achievement of the thousands of people who built and fitted out this astonishing ship lives on.


Pagination:288 pages, Integrated illustrations throughout

Dimensions:253 x 200 mm, 1130 grams

Country of Pub.:United Kingdom

Pub Date:28/10/2010

ISBN: 9781905026715

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